Conduction, Convection, and Radiation


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A Rap of Conduction, Convection, and Radiation done for a school project Sources: Idea&Song from: Lyrics: Chorus There are three ways that heat can travel But it can travel in any direction From the sun it moves to the earth, quick as a shadow And disperses in radiation, conduction, and convection Verse I First things first, let's discuss heat What it is before you pay for it to warm your feet Heat is the energy that flows when atoms and molecules move It diffuses out toward coolness Temperature is the measurement of The average motion of these atoms And molecules in the atmosphere So there have it Now, the first way of transportation of heat energy is radiation Like sound waves from your radio stations Filling the empty space around you Your radiator warms you, but don't start a fire now, I warned you Heat is going through radiation from the sun Before it burns you from 93 million miles away To re-radiate this heat is what the earth does for you This is survival what this heat is going through Before it rises to the sky and it's gone so... Chorus Verse II Conduction is the second method on my list You can feel it like a hot pot on your fist With the handle gripped I bet you'd rather grab a candle lit 'Cause it's heat through conduction that causes this Atoms in matter in a fixed position vibrate when heated Like a pan in the kitchen Transmit the heat energy to atoms next to them That are cooler than they are to cause...

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