How to make a self-watering container

How to make organic compost

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A short video about how I made my self-watering container (note: I should've mentioned the drainage hole that are made just about the water level see ) Self-watering containers were developed by commercial tomato growers and are the best way to grow vegetables in containers. Many plants grown in containers die due to over watering. In knowledge of this, many people also end up under watering. With a self-watering container you water just the right about and less water evaporates. You also mimic natural conditions where plants seek out water from the water table below, developing better roots and healthier, happier plants. To make this type of self-watering container you will need: * a large storage container with a lid (ideally of a dark colour if you're in a cool climate or a light one if you're in a hot climate - to either absorb or reflect heat). I looked around for a large dark one with a lid for quite a while before finally finding one in the rubbish outside my house :) * one or two (depending on size of container) colanders or similar (anything with holes in will do, but colanders are perfect for the job) * a piece of plastic tubing that is at least a bit longer than the height of your container. Stiff, quite wide tubing works best (it stays in place better and is easier to down and check water levels) * a couple of cloths or pieces of material to go over either end of the plastic tube and some elastic bands or string to secure them (to stop soil...

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