Tips: Coffee Gardening

How to make organic compost

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Video by Melissa McGinnis - Blog by Joe Laur - Boy, Melissa must drink enough coffee to keep a whole neighborhood of Starbucks gong. Or at least she finds enough uses for grounds that throwing them away should never be an option. Theres a lot of interesting things in this video post- from the ant protection that coffee grounds produce to the help for the bloomin flowers. According to Doug Greens Simple Gifts Farm, theres solid evidence that green gardeners should be reusing this waste to resource stream in the garden. The site states that research on slugs and caffeine shows that concentrations of caffeine as low as .01 % reduces feeding by slugs . But those concentrations dont kill. It takes 1-2% caffeine solutions to kill slugs as effectively as the chemicals normally used, but at that strength it can damage plant leaves. Coffee grounds contain about 05% caffeine. So coffee grounds will not kill slugs but can deter them from your plants. Nice. Chases them away without slug murder. How very vegan. And apparently coffee grounds make great mulch, particularly for plants that like acidic soils. The site states that they are acidic with a pH of between 3.0 and 5.0 making them superb for mulching rhododendrons, azalea and other acid loving plants. And you can scatter them thinly all over the rest of your garden as organic soil amendments. You need to add inches of the stuff to change the pH. As Melissa state, worms love coffee grounds and gardeners and...

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