Nepal Law of Marriage |who can marry who?| an introduction

Nepali Hindi POP 2013

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Educational video to educate the public about marriage in Nepal. Marriage customs vary among the different castes. Traditional marriages are arranged by parents, although sometimes with the consent of the marriage partners. Marriage is sacred, divine, and considered to endure beyond death. For the Nepalese, chastity is the most important virtue a woman can bring to a marriage. Weddings are times of great celebration and feasting. They are elaborate and may last up to three days. Traditionally, weddings in Nepal are arranged by the respective families. Traditionally families in Nepal consider a number of factors before arranging the marriage. These factors may include caste, religion and ethnicity. It is worth noting however, that there is a slow shift in Nepal away from arranged marriages to love marriages today. That is individuals now have more freedom in Nepal to chose who they wish to marry without family interference. There is also a shift in Nepal towards marriage across castes and across ethnic groups, which traditionally was strongly resisted. Because today Nepalese have freedom of choice in their marriage, they need to know some important facts that they need to maintain. For example modernization and globalization does not mean we should forget our roots, background, culture and traditional. With that, this Law of Marriage was formulated so that Nepalese will not go beyond their limits just because they have more freedom than their parents and also because of...

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Artist: Nepali Hindi POP 2013
Video title: Nepal Law of Marriage |who can marry who?| an introduction
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